School begins soon

Picture of school books and schoolboard

The end of August marks the end of summer vacation for the most part of schoolchildren. In September, all ready to star over school again! There are those who are happy, and those who are not. Some students simply change class and remains in the same building and there are those who change school for example from junior high school to high school.

For young people these are times of great changes. They meet new people, make friends, they learn, they study, they give exams.

Usually, before starting over school again you do an audit of what will serve for the school year. The stationery shops are the most grateful in this period of time 🙂

Pens, pencils, rubber, whiteout, ruler, markers, stapler, scissors, sheets and maybe a new backpack, because you know, in school you must also be fashionable!

School begins soon