Carnival 2019

People celebrating Carnival

One of the most anticipated periods for many is back, that of carnival. Sheds, music and disguises are the masters. The most passionate are ready to parade with their carts on which they have been working for several months, others can not wait to make music with their Guggen. The carnival is celebrated throughout the canton with parades, concerts and night parties. The audience of the carnival ranges from all age groups, from the child in a stroller dressed as a dalmatian to the elderly with a clown hat. In the canton there are countless events ranging from February to March, here are some dates:

RIVERA CARNIVAL from Thursday 14 February to Sunday 17 February

MAGADINO CARNIVAL from Friday 22 February to Saturday 23 February

CARNIVAL OF LUGANO from Thursday 28 February to Monday 4 March

CARNIVAL OF BELLINZONA from Thursday 28 February to Tuesday 5 March

TESSERETE CARNIVAL from Thursday March 7th to Saturday 5 March

Carnival 2019