Picture of visitor in swissminiatur melide

In the beautiful Lugano and surroundings the things to do and visit are many. We give you below our ranking of the 10 places that are absolutely worth seeing:

1. Swissminiatur. The Swissminiatur is located in Melide and is a miniature park, you can visit it in about an hour and is suitable for both children and adults.

2. Parco Ciani. The Parco Ciani is located in Lugano and is a beautiful park with a vast display of flowers, on the shore of the the lake of Lugano and has a playground inside.

3. Monte Generoso. Monte Generoso is one of the most famous in Ticino, and has recently renovated the restaurant at the summit. It can be reached from Capolago with the train made available for visitors.

4. Lido di Lugano. On hot summer days you can cool off in the beautiful Lido di Lugano, which offers several pools, a sandy beach and a bar / restaurant.

5. Park Scherrer. The Scherrer Park is located in Morcote and will charm you with its architecture and its vegetation.

6. Splash & SPA. Suitable for both summer and winter, the water park offers several slides for the more adventurous and a vast SPA with different saunas where you can relax.

7. Lugano Tourist Train. The experience of crossing the city of Lugano with the train can not be missed. During the journey you will be given information about the city of the past and present.

8. On the lake of Lugano in Battello. The navigation offers several tours on Lake Lugano in Battello ranging from Grotto tour (in which you can stop to have lunch in the most famous grottos of the region) to evening cruises (which give that extra touch of magic).

9. LAC. The LAC is the center of art and culture of Lugano. Several exhibitions and spectacles are offered daily.

10. Alprose. The small but suggestive chocolate factory is located in Caslano. You can observe in real time the manufacturing and packaging of Alprose chocolate. Inside there is also a museum with the history of the factory.