The Lugano Boat Tour

Boat on lugano lake

The beautiful lake of Lugano can be crossed comfortably on boats from one shore to another. You can observe breathtaking landscapes, beautiful houses that touch the edges of the Ceresio, it is a truly unique and pleasant experience. It is very easy to take advantage of the boats and enjoy the lake as Melide has 2 boat stops, one near the Swissminiatur and one right in front of our hotel (Melide Paese).

The navigation offers different tours on the Ceresio, most of them can be enjoyed from March to October.

The classic tour lasts about 80 minutes and goes around Lugano – Gandria.

The magic tour lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes and goes around Lugano – Gandria -Morcote -Capolago.

The scenic tour goes around Lugano -Porlezza.

The lake & mountain tour goes around Lugano -Capolago-Monte Generoso.

The international tour goes around Lugano-Porto Ceresio -Ponte Tresa.

The Porto Ceresio tour goes around Lugano-Morcote-Porto Ceresio.

The lunch tour lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes and goes around Lugano-Morcote-Porto Ceresio and on which you will savor a good cuisine.

And finally the Grotto Tour which lasts 1 hour and goes around the grottos. You can also get off and enjoy a lunch or dinner.

With the Ticino Ticket you will get a 20% discount on tickets.

All you have to do is take a few steps out of our hotel to the boat stop, take the battello and relax and enjoy the day on the lake.

The Lugano Boat Tour