Wedding guests

Weeding guests picture at hotel garni battello

As a hotel we have experienced many weddings. The wedding planner, or the future married couple itself, usually give us a call and asks for availability at our hotel. The guests then get informed of our hotel and book the room for themselves. It’s not like vacation, it can be very stressful. Sometimes they arrived just in time, get dressed in a hurry and go to the wedding. Sometimes they arrived before check-in time and not finding the room ready makes them anxious. Other take the time, get one day off work, book a day earlier and enjoy their stay.

The day of the wedding all get dressed up, we see beautiful dresses, beautiful hair and makeup. Men have amazing suits on, that can get them a little sweaty if it’s a hot day. The women have it easier. They wear light and fluffy dresses, ideal for the summer. Kids get dressed up too, and they are beyond cute.

Usually most of the wedding guests’ customers ask for late checkout, because they have a very fun but also long night ahead of them.

Wedding are beautiful and bring all the people together. Once the stress is forgotten they just enjoy each other’s company and have a great time.

Wedding guests

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