Dog friendly holidays

Is your dog your best friend and you don’t ever want to leave him? Not even for going on vacation?
No problem, nowadays you can easily organise your holiday with your furry buddy. Many are the locations where pets are allowed, and where they will spoiled properly 😉

On the web there are many sites that can give you all the helpful information about dog friendly places, hotels and residences.

Even our hotel welcomes pets with open arms. Close to our hotel there is also a nice long front walk that runs along the beautiful Lake of Lugano, where you doggy can have the chance to take a nice swim during the hot summer season, he surely will be grateful to you 😉

Women cuddling dog

Some advice for you vacation with your dog

Make sure that your pet has done all the necessary vaccinations, that he’s in good health and that the journey that you intent to undertake will not make him too tired.

Make a little bag for your dog, with all his strictly necessary, such as bowls for water and food, the food itself that he normally eats, a backup leash, a game and maybe a cloth on which he sleeps.

Before leaving, take a long walk with him, so that your dog can do all his needs and do not have to hold back on a long journey.

How to deal with the dog on holidays

There are some rules to follow if you want to spend a good holiday with your pet.

There is no one that will stop you if you want to go on vacation with your few month old pet, but make sure that he’s already used to doing his need outside the home, so that he will not make dirty the facility where you are staying.

Do not leave your dog alone in the hotel room if he is not used to being in such circumstances. It might get agitated and he might star to bark, thus disturbing the other guests.

Make sure that your dog does not stays too long in the sun and that he’s drinking enough water.

Don’t give your dog food to which it is not accustomed to, he could get sick, vomiting or having diarrhea.

That said, we wish you a great holiday together with your 4-legged friend, we also expect in our establishment!

Dog friendly holidays

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